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Thread: Semi truck body

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    Default Semi truck body

    Hey Peeps. I have a future project planned for a Wraith custom build. Iím looking for any style semi truck bodies, however, I have yet to find any online. The only ones I have come across are very small scale. I am looking between 1/8 to 1/12 scale that I can modify. (I would even consider toy models. Have even searched Walmart to no avail.) Any ideas/help would be appreciated.

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    I think you struggle unless you're willing to pay for a custom made one. I'd love to see more lorry type shells in the tenth to eighth scale range.

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    Due to size none in 1/10 that I know. Tamiya is the cheapest and then you have the euro stuff like scale art. But those are 1/14

    wedico is even smaller at 1/16. most large toy grade stuff like bruder is also 1/16.

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    As the others have mentioned, there are no 1/10 semi bodies. They'd be quite large.
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    How about a Tamiya Bullhead body?

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    Seems to work for a lot of people using scx width axles. Might seem a bit narrow with wraith axles but Iím not sure what stance your going for.

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