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    I’m a total noob with posting here and apologize for having no pictures from my build process. I started with a gen 1 Axial Honcho a few years ago. After I grew tired of that I got a Proline F-250 body, a set of RC4WD Baja Claws, I made a service truck bed, stretched the wheelbase, and grew tired of the janky rear end. To remedy that I cut down my service bed and attached the sides to the original Honcho truth bed. About Thanksgiving this year I set out to get a RC4WD Blazer body and to make it work. To do so I got the body itself, the GCM transmission relocation kit, an RC4WD transfer case, an EBay chassis mounted servo kit, a set of EBay leaf springs, a light kit, and a brush guard for the body. After all the parts arrived I got to work on the chassis. I soon realized that I had gotten the wrong type of cms kit and made my own servo mount out of some scrap sheet metal. The rest of the chassis was relatively simple considering I was working with whatever hardware I had laying around. Once I got to the body I had already gotten some inspiration. My grandpa, who had gotten me the truck, used to have a square body GMC Jimmy. All I knew about it wasn’t what I was told and based on faint memories. I chose Valspar pool party blue for my body main body color, a simple flat white for my roof, and a primer grey for my hood and tailgate. after I had done all of my painting, I got to work with some Tamiya weathering pigments. I made a wash out of them and applied so heavily and let it sit for a while. I then gently rubbed some of it off, resulting in what I think to be a pretty realistic effect. On the interior, I did a little bit of body color on the lower dash, added some details from an Axial interior details parts tree, a drink, a POW MIA flag as my headliner, and Jack as my pilot. [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]
    I apologize, but these are the only two good pictures I have at the moment, and the second one is older than the first one I have since painted and installed my lenses

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    A few more photos of the body and one of the chassis, showing my custom made sliders/ body mounts, and my Junfac driveshafts that I forgot to menition getting in the first post.

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    That's some nice junk you got there lol. Great K5 build friend. Can't wait to see more.

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    It no longer exists.


    You're using the wrong Imageshack link. Use the "forum" code and the 1024x768 image size.

    Then we can all appreciate the photos better!

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    Sorry, I think I got it figured out. I also apologize for the poor quality of photos. And thank you Rickleo, I can’t wait to see where it ends up!

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    Sweet dusty K5, sir! Liking the details and weathering job what I can see so far. I think that this would benefit from a light wash with something dark, like black or darker brown. Give it a shot!

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