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Thread: Hairba11s Datsun

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    Default Hairba11s Datsun

    My original Datsun build was a cc01 chassis with leaf springs in the rear and an exo cage with a big bear body.

    Here goes round two.

    I hacked the back of the chassis off and added frame rails from 1/2x1/8 steel

    Then I made the kick up in the rear for the axle.

    A 3D printed Datsun cab fits nicely.

    A honcho bed finishes it nicerly.

    I made a floor pan from 22ga galvanized.

    It holds up the back of the cab and reinforces the rockers

    I hacked of more of what was left of the front end

    And made a simple skid plate

    Approach angle should be pretty good even with the IFS tombstone

    Then I attached the trayback to the back wall of the cab.

    I did math based on widths, and at 8.75 the blazer is about 9.4:1 so I printed the Datsun at 7.2 wide so it looks right. Putting them side by side the lifted Datsun is almost the same height as the stock blazer. Feels about right to me.

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