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Thread: Bullitt's Big T

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    I think that "Big T" is on good hands !
    RC4WD Team Driver - JsScale Team Driver

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBailey View Post
    Very nice work so far! The re-engineered front axle looks much better and more scale with the small kingpin bosses. The 1935 Ford style wire wheels came out great. I started a similar build a few years back, though mine was more modern style but, I traded it off for some 1:1 hot rod parts before I finished.

    I'll be following along, keep up the great work!
    Thanks! The first thing I was looking for was some old school HPI MT 2.2 street tires and wheels for the rear and after a couple weeks of not finding them, this idea popped in my head. Old and new is always nice.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShopGTR View Post
    Super cool. Excited to watch your progress.
    Thank you sir!

    Quote Originally Posted by markbt73 View Post
    This is a really cool build! I love the mix of old-school handmade parts and high-tech CAD/3D printing. Very fun to watch.
    Thank you! Being a cad guy and 3D printing available, this one is surprising me on how well it's coming together. I know I could print the whole thing, but I'm pretty cheap, so I'll just print the tougher parts to make.

    Quote Originally Posted by Teddy View Post
    I think that "Big T" is on good hands !

    Thank you, but we'll just have to wait and see.


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    What a fun build to follow...great build / fab skills - looking forward to more updates!

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