The TF2 Marlin Crawler Body Set includes pre-painted wipers, mirror, light details and door handles for ultimate in scale looks. Realistic dashboard decals come pre-installed.

The unmistakable lines of a classic. The TF2 Marlin Crawler Body Set is an exact replica of the full scale vehicle. No other scale body comes this close to realism.

The TF2 Marlin Crawler Body Set included a great dropped bed molded directly into the body. Pre-painted black, itís perfect for carrying all your scale accessories or spare wheel and tire.

The TF2 Marlin Crawler Body Set includes a roll bar with signature MC details to protect the cab from any unplanned tumbles so you're always covered.

Marlin featured with his crawler truck, world famous for being most wheeled Toyota pickup!

RC4WD is excited to combine efforts with the Marlin Crawler crew to bring you one of the most internationally recognizable crawlers in the 1:1 crawling world!
From the bobbed bed to the custom bumpers and the Marlin logo, this truck will be the envy of all the rigs on the trail!