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Thread: Hard Body K10 Chevy Short Box

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    My mistake, your in the right spot. Continue sir!

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    Default Hard Body K10 Chevy Short Box

    Lol. Sounds good^

    Anyhow, after deciding that a truggy build just wasn't going to happen, and having this hacked off box staring at me from the shelf, I changed gears a bit and decided to make a short box pickup.

    As a bit of a background, my uncle passed away tragically at 28 years old in 1995. He had a 1983 K10 pickup that he purchased used in 1984, and after he passed the truck bounced around different family members for a few years before it was ultimately sold to someone outside of the family. I've missed the truck since, and my uncle would've been 50 this year, so I put the pieces of the puzzle together and had my new mission! His truck was a long box, and the '83 front clip was different than the RC4WD body style, but those were minor details considering what I have to work with.

    I debated back and forth buying another main body and using a section of the box to extend this one, but it was cheaper and a bit more of a challenge for me to use styrene so I went that route. I only needed 1/2" to make the body fit the wheelbase (not sure how "scale" it ended up, but it was easier than messing with the wheelbase of the truck). I ended up using some flat styrene sheets and cutting/bonding together to make the extension.

    I took my time, used MEK and clamps (overnight) for most of it over he course of a few weeks. I was waiting on other parts anyways so it was no rush. And having a one-and-a-half year old doesn't make RC time all that often as is.

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    Looking good with the extension piece! I love builds with emotional ties, I'm sure your uncle would appreciate your effort.

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    Thanks for the kind words @Halme.

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    Default Hard Body K10 Chevy Short Box

    Next step was to fill in the cracks with Green Putty, sand and prime to see how it was going to fit together

    The front was easy - the two posts on the bumper of the body kit slid nice and tightly into the holes (giggity) of the bumper mount on the SCX10 II chassis. For the rear, I grabbed some square solid stock from the local hardware store and cut it to length so it'd fit between the chassis rails. I then drilled two holes in it so that I could attach the posts that came in the body kit, which then allowed me to use two screws from inside the box to attach the rear.

    For the sides, I utilized the mounts that came in the body kit which I attached to the floor plates of the chassis, and the box & cab were attached using a total of 5 screws with spacers between then two pieces to create a gap. Incredibly easy, looks great, gave me the exact height I wanted, and is solid as a rock!

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