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Sure looks good, doin' it's thing!!
I'm trying to remember that I have a sense of humor in my build... Especially when mine is coming from such humble beginnings (HG P402!!).
Your build is certainly inspiring!

Carmine A., Tucson, AZ.
One CC-01, one Holiday Buggy, and a HG P402, that I'm trying to turn into a REAL Rig!!
Thanks I am glad I could provide some inspiration.

I ran this today over roughly 200 gates at the UK scale Nationals and concidering how unscale some of the courses were it really worked very nicely, I need to raise the transfer box skid plate about a 1/4" as it was hanging up more than I would have liked but other than that it proved to be very capable, more so than the driver

Only managed to get a few pictures as I was to busy enjoying the driving, so here they are.

I need to adjust a couple of other bits besides the skid, but I am really pleased with this and how it runs.