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Thread: HMMWV M996 Camper

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    Default HMMWV M996 Camper

    Hi guys,

    new project, still very early on, but most of the vital parts are here.

    I had to built another HMMWV. Need some change from all the solid axles

    It will be similar to my old ta-02 builds, but with parts off a cheap 1:10 nitro- same as on my Tatra.

    Old and new:

    Will probably use the old SCX-transmission, its dirty but still good.

    The body, not the final wheels of course:

    And what will probably stall this project for a year or two:

    Finally, portals! They are made for SCX, but only need some custom C-hubs to fit my suspension.

    To be continued soon... hopefully

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    Makes Flashpoints look huge, lol. Subscribed!

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    Small steps...

    Got some gears and custom made shafts:

    (shafts are made in Germany. Portal housings are from the netherlands. Quite the international project )

    That should work just fine

    Got a little bodywork done:

    Hope to come back to this project full time after the holidays. my first ever build wasa HMMWV, so I still have a soft spot for them. I really want to see what independent suspension can do with portal-axles!

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    Very interesting build! Will be following this.

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