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Thread: HMMWV M996 Camper

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    Aaaaand its here:

    Some adjustments here and there, and that hurdle is taken. Drawn and printed by two friends of mine. Best thing about the project is how many friends and fellow modelers are involved. The final suspension arms will not be plastic... And really, really cool... Trust me

    Also got my T1 transfer case, so the drivetrain is basically done. Also started to think about where the lipo will go.

    Not much space, since it all has to fit in my Comp-Vee:

    In the end it shouldn't be too obvious that the bed has no depth. There are plans how to hide it, wich involve even more people

    Might be my favourite Project so far. It's a Hummvee, finally Portals, and many friends involved. So cool!

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    Thats really neat man, much respect for not just slapping some solid axles under it and calling it a day!
    I built a Toyota once

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