SuperShafty has teamed up with one of the best names in RC once again. We are working together to offer the only exclusive driveshaft kits directly from MIP.

No more kit bashing to get the MIP's on the front of your bomber. This kit uses existing parts from MIP in order to creat the perfect setup of the Yeti rear X-Spline driveshaft coupled with specific components to make the perfect front driveshaft.

Both driveshafts come unassembled and will need to put together when you get your package.

Requires a 2.0mm driver and a 1.5mm driver.

It comes with the awesome little MIP grease and locktight kits along with instructions for those of you who have not assembled these before.

Supershafty has been running this kit on the bomber for a couple months now with no issues. You won't have any rubbing issues up front and everything should drop right in.

- See more at: Bomber MIP Exclusive Driveshafts - Super Shafty

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