These are the new 2.2 aluminum 3 piece beadlock wheels directly from SuperShafty.

Prang: World War II slang meaning to smash or bomb a target. With these wheels you will be smashing and bombing your competition. Designed to be strong, yet lightweight, these wheels feature:

-10 spokes
-2mm mounting bolts, 10 in the front and 6 in the back.
-SLW hub mount design
-available in silver, black, and orange


-4 wheels
-8 beadlock rings
-bead lock 2mm mounting hardware
-SLW 4-40 hardware from Team KNK

We have test mounted these wheels on various tires, including Pitbulls, RC4WD, VooDoo, Axial and Proline. While these will fit most tires we cannot gaurantee they will fit every tire. Care should be taken while mounting tires to these wheels.

- See more at: The Prang SuperShafty 2.2 Wheel - Super Shafty