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Thread: DougJ's Trusty Rusty TF2

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    Quote Originally Posted by delux View Post
    I didn't know Tamiya made those, you're right they look spot on in an old rig like this! I might need to find myself some too.

    Great pics as always too!
    Thank you! They're pricey for what is essentially just a set of warm LEDs with proprietary connectors (gotta pay the Tamiya Tax!), but they certainly do the job.
    Quote Originally Posted by pardonmyn00b View Post
    Nice warming glowing warming glow
    It glows. Warmingly!
    Quote Originally Posted by 1BadJeepBruiser View Post
    Never knew about those front LED lights, just hit ebay and added them to my watch list. its always made me crazy cause most people have the stock crappy head lights on their Toyotas (just like I do on my 83) so this is a great solution to cutting down on the super bright LED light look. trucks looking good
    I can't stand cool LEDs in old trucks, I'd rather have no lights at all than lights that look wrong. These are much easier than wiring up grain of wheat bulbs with the right resistors and whatnot.

    So, I've been hemming and hawing about new tires lately. I really do like the look of the Stompers though, so I don't know if I want to give them up. Plus, the 1.55 Rock Beasts I was considering are not cheap, so I decided I'd try to squeeze as much out of these old shoes as I can without spending any money.

    As you can see the side lugs are pretty rashed, but the center lugs are still sharp, meaning they're not doing much.

    I liked the way 1BadJeepBruiser cut the tires on his 4-door TF2, so I decided to do the same. All I'm doing is cutting the center lugs in half to give them more open space. Pretty easy to do, just tedious.

    They still look like Super Swampers, which makes me happy. I don't want to fundamentally change the look of the tires. By testing the grip with my finger it does feel like it bites and flexes better, but the true test will be on the trail.

    I also swapped the foams with the ones from the Mud Thrashers I have lying around. They're a tiny but smaller, so I think they make the tread a little more compliant, but it's not a big difference. Like I said, I want to improve things without spending money, so I'm using what I've got already.

    I've got a lot of Dremel work ahead of me, but I'll report back when I can trail test all 4 tires together.

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    You can't give up on the Stompers! You must run them until they're bald.
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    It no longer exists.


    Why is this build in the photo section?! Moved!

    EDIT: Oh, because it's a photo thread. DUH! Moved back!
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