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Thread: Plastic Weld - Working with Modeling Plastics

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    And tastes great in a smoothie!

    Too late.

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    I used MEK on my Corvette build because I needed very strong bonds. I put it direct on the joints and then also had a jar in which I melted plastic in the MEK - pieces of the same plastic I was joining to form a filler because the regular putty would crack at the least bit of flexing. Once the bond was done I sanded it and then used the regular putty for a smooth finish. And yes, the fumes are really bad so I wear a respirator mask and work in a ventilated space with it. I have used it on my jag project as well and will be doing some more with it as that build progresses. Underneath I am going to join the aluminum deck to the plastic via fabric hockey tape and epoxy resin, but that will be posted in my thread once I am ready to do it.

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