View Full Version : AX-10 ARTR with basic mods-indoor course

11-07-2008, 12:12 PM
We try to get a half decent indoor course going at our place in the fall, to get through the winter blast, and it's already started... Here's the vid from yesterday on the basic section of the course. As these come up, i'll post some others here also.

This one is an ARTR with a 7.4 lipo up top, trax 2070 digital servo, tq2 radio, XL-5 esc and a $3.50 Johnson electric motor (high volt) This is the cheapest way to have fun in one of these, and it's totally easy to run. Overpowered to boot.
e-savage front springs (soft)
14/87 gears
12 point star cut front memory foams
flipped rear bent links to have bend center-bias
moved rear shocks inboard from links
No added weights, otherwise box stock.