1. HeyOK Performance Feedback
  2. Hi all you RC people!
  3. TQ3 EPA Mod
  4. Heavy Duty Axial Motor Mount Plate
  5. LED Lighting Kit samples
  6. Heyok Performance - Description of Services Available
  7. Checking Interest: Dual Winch Controller
  8. Checking Interest: Get three servo positions from a two position channel
  9. Special offer to Axle Twisters
  10. Use ESC to run your winch
  11. Any interest in switching 5 lighting circuits remotely?
  12. And another (new) thing: Higher Voltage Winch Controller
  13. HV No Drift/Creep Winch Controller
  14. Building a Dig Controller for you MOA guys.
  15. secondary servo controller?
  16. HeyOK's RC Electronics updated Feb 22, 2011
  17. Brake, Reverse and Driving Light controller
  18. Whinch controller
  19. No Drift Winch Controller! (using 3 position transmitter channel)
  20. Park Lights, Head Lights switch
  21. Just the Brakes - Brake Light output only
  22. Servo Winch - complete with the No Drift Winch Controller
  23. Winch Controller for Radio with 2 Position Third Channel
  24. Winch Controller - Relay Driven - External Power
  25. MOA Dig Controller
  26. MOA Dig Controller for Two Position Channel
  27. Remote Switch For LED Lighting
  28. Dual RC Switch for LED lighting or ?
  29. RC Lighting Control Using External Power
  30. 4 Position Dual RC Switch for LEDs
  31. 4 Position Dual Powered Dual RC Switch
  32. No Brainer BEC
  33. Turn Signal Controller
  34. 4 Wheel Steering Controller
  35. A horn for your scaler
  36. HeyOK's RC Electronics items (all in one place)
  37. 4 Wheel Steering Controller - controlled by a two position third channel
  38. Brake, Reverse, Driving Light Controller with Auto Hazard Lights
  39. Dual Power Headlight and Driving Light Controller
  40. KOH and Brake Light Controller
  41. Brake, Reverse, Driving, Hazard and RC Switch
  42. Remote Switch for LEDs with Dim function
  43. THE Lighting Controller
  44. Servo Toggle Switch